Week #19 of our Psalm 119 study Psalm 119:145-152 “Cry Out!”

Click here to view or download Week #19 of our Psalm 119 study

Are you studying with us through Psalm 119?  Great!  This is Week #19, Psalm 119:145-152  “Cry Out!!!” . Click on the picture to the left to view or download this study.

Do you ever feel like you have done very little for Jesus in your life?  When you hear of great persons of faith, do you wonder why the Lord did not take you in that direction?  Do you wish you had learned all of this earlier…acted on it sooner…made wiser decisions so that your life wouldn’t be such a mess…taken different turns on your road so that you could be more of a witness?

If you have ever felt this way, let me assure you of something you may not realize:  almost every Christian feels that way.  Even the ones you think are great.

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