Week #17 of our Psalm 119 study. Psalm 119:129-136 “Sin Wants to be the Boss of You”

Are you studying with us through Psalm 119?  Great!  This is Week #17, Psalm 119:129-136  “Sin Wants to be the Boss of You”  .   Click on the picture to the left to view or download this study.

In this passage, verse :133 is the one I have parked on to learn the major theme for this octuplet:

“Direct my steps by Your word,
And let no iniquity have dominion over me.”  Ps. 119:133

The Psalmist is pleading with the Lord to help him do the right thing…to direct his steps in accordance with the Word of God.  And along with that, he is asking, too, that sin will not be the boss of him.

When our kids were young, we would sometimes leave them home alone together, with our oldest, Steve, in charge.  It didn’t always work very well, because (surprise, surprise) somehow we ended up with 5 children who didn’t like anyone to be in charge of them!!!!  I can remember quite often hearing at least one of them telling Steve “You aren’t the boss of me!”

Well – sin likes to be the boss of us.  And, wow!, sin can sure find ways to be in charge!

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