Selected Psalms – “Begin Every Day in the Word, End Every Day With Praise”

This is a small collection of Bible studies on several Psalms:

Psalms 1, 150, 139, 22, 51, 120-135

Will the Psalms really apply to my life?   Take a look:

  • Are you stressed?    Psalm 131:2
  • Are you jealous?   Psalm 73
  • Are you struggling with the truth of the creation story?  Psalm 89:11-13, Psalm 90:2
  • Are you looking back, wondering what you’ve accomplished?  Psalm 90:10-12
  • Are you successful?   Psalm 115:1
  • Is your life full and wonderful and you’re not sure sin is such a big deal?  Psalm 107:33,34
  • Is your life pretty miserable but you still want to serve God?  Psalm 107: 35
  • Not sure where to turn for help?  Psalm 91:1-4
  • Have you ever looked at the ocean and wondered if there was a verse to describe what you feel?  Psalm 92:4, 104:9
  • Do you want to serve God, but feel like you have no training, so little to offer?  Psalm 78:70-72
  • Are you a mother?  Psalm 78:5-8
  • A grandmother?  Psalm 118:18, 145:4
  • Do you have trouble getting along in your family?  Psalm 133
  • Kids driving you nuts?  Psalm 127:3-5, Psalm 128:1-4
  • Do you feel like you’re all alone in what you’re trying to do?  Psalm 125:2
  • Do you wonder if God will ever stop loving you?  Psalm 136
  • Do you rage at injustice?  Psalm 24:1-10,22,23
  • Do you love nature?  Psalm 104:10-24, 32
  • Have you failed again, and wonder if God will ever give you another chance?  Psalm 106-43-46
  • Can’t sleep at night?  Psalm 119:62, 148
  • Do you need to be convinced of the value of God’s word?  Psalm 119 – the whole thing – especially verse 72
  • Are you choosing a career?  Psalm 119 – the whole thing in one sitting.

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