Has God Spoken?

Has God Spoken?

That’s really the only question worth starting with.  It opens up the door to all the other important questions:

Are we here just by ourselves with no help at all?

Is there really a God in heaven Who is watching?  SomeOne Who  started it all?

And if so, has He spoken to us?

Has He given us any clues as to Who He is and What He is like?  Does He want to speak to us?

Does He want us to speak to Him?

Does He want to have a relationship with us?

And if He has spoken, has He spoken clearly?  Can we understand what He has spoken?

If God has not spoken, then we’re on our own, and we just have to do the best with what we receive in this life.

But if God has spoken….if He has spoken….then run as fast as you can to get a copy of His Words.  Sell all you have to get just a chance to read them.  Read all of His words…don’t miss a thing!

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