Psalm 119:41-48 “Salvation” Week #6 of our Study of Psalm 119

Are you studying with us through Psalm 119?  Great!  This is Week #6:  Psalm 119:41-48  “Salvation”   

At some point in our lives, each of us comes to the point that we feel an unrelenting guilt for our sins.  This guilt can’t be pushed to the back burner any more.  We know we have fallen way short of what the God of the Universe planned for us.  We know, deep inside us, that we cannot save ourselves.  We long, achingly, for SomeOne to step in and make us right again.

That SomeOne is Jesus – and the way we know He is offering to save us is when we hear Him say it.  He says it, over and over again, in His Word – the Bible.  We simply have to hear it.

Then, when we hear it, He goes to work.  He shows us what it means.  He causes great shame to undo our pride.  He lets us see what great steps He took to rescue us.  He brings us to the precipice of forever, and gives us a choice.

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