What About Women?

What About Women?

Here’s the simple truth, before I go into detail:

God does not want women to exercize authority over men

in the context of the life of a church.

Could there be exceptions to this?  Sure.  If no man will step up and do what needs to be done, God may just raise up a woman.  In the Old Testament, Deborah was moved by God to lead the nation of Israel.  She obeyed God, but even in doing so she was 100% aware that this was not the way it should have been done.  Men had dropped the ball.  It was shameful that a woman would have to pick it up.

Why would God require such a thing, though?  Can’t women be just as educated as men?  Aren’t women just as capable as men of leading?  Making decisions?  Foreseeing difficulties and protecting people from them?  Being kind and understanding, yet firm?  Don’t mothers show these characteristics as they raise children?  Don’t women in the business world (at least in our day and age) have positions of responsibility equal to or even better than men?  Why would a woman be able to lead in the “real” world, but not in the church family?

These are legitimate questions, to my mind.  So, here are some scriptures, and a few of my thoughts:

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