Psalm 119:25-32 “Depression – A Journey” Week #4 of our study of Psalm 119

Are you studying with us through Psalm 119?  Great!  This is Week #4.  Psalm 119:25-32,  “Depression – a Journey”

These 8 verses are a great description of depression.  And the Psalmist sees the solution in the Word of God.  So in this week’s lesson, I’d like us to consider whether or not the Word of God is sufficient to heal depression.

I think I’ve experienced depression.  Not so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed every day….or had to be under a doctor’s care, but bad enough that I knew, even if most people in my life didn’t, that I was not the same as before.  That everything was moving very slowly for me.  That I didn’t enjoy life very much.  That I had no desire to do anything about the way I felt.

It was real…and discouraging…and, well…depressing.

Did reading my Bible heal me?  I’ll tell you in a minute.

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