How to Share Your Faith

How to Share Your Faith
Over 14 years ago I asked one of our church’s young college girls to lunch.  I was wondering if she was a Christian, and thought over lunch I would just ask her.  We had a nice time together, and I just point blank asked her: “…have you ever asked Jesus to be your Savior?”  She said no.  She was interested in what I had to say after that – about how to become a believer in Jesus.  And she told me she’d think about it.
We talked a few more times, each time she had questions.  And each time she told me she was thinking about it.  Then she called me one night and told me something that made me smile:  “Kathleen, will you help me become a Christian?  I have a friend who was just asking me a lot of questions about Jesus, and I was giving him the same answers you have been giving me, and suddenly I realized: ‘I can’t help this guy when I have never even believed in Jesus myself!’  So…will you help me become a Christian?”
She didn’t realize it, but she had already come to believe in Jesus…she just wanted someone to pray with her as she told Him that.  So of course, with great rejoicing, I did.
From then on, she had the fire in her belly to tell the whole world about Jesus.

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