Psalm 119 – Week #2 “Kids, Too!!!”

Are you studying with us through Psalm 119?  Great!  This is Week #2.  Psalm 119:9-16,  “Kids, Too!!!”

Do we have to expect that a child will at some point “sow his wild oats”, and then hopefully come back to God?  Can’t children live for Jesus now and keep living for Him for the rest of their lives?

Click on Week#2 to the left and read it through.  See how my comments and thoughts line up with what you’ve gotten out of this first 8 verses in Psalm 119 as you studied it this last week.   Make comments or post questions if you want.  I’ll answer them if I can.

And then start working on your assignment for this next week…you’ll see it at the end of Week #2.

As you start studying your next assignment on your own this week – a verse or two a day…see what you can get out of it….what you can learn every day…and then next Monday I’ll post my comments on the Week #3 passage.

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