How to Memorize the Bible

How to Memorize the Bible.  

For most of my life I have learned a Bible verse here and there – that’s the way I learned the 23rd Psalm when I was a child.

But 20 years ago I decided I’d like to tackle a really big memorization project.  I needed a little refreshing in my spiritual life, and I had never really concentrated on memorizing – and I was also wondering if there might not be a time in the future of our country when we would be persecuted for having Bibles, as many are in China and other repressed countries – so I decided to memorize a whole book of the Bible – and that could be my contribution to my group of Christian friends someday…sort of my piece of the jigsaw puzzle.  If we ever were without Bibles, I could bring to any meeting of Christians at least one book of the Bible – maybe others could do the same – and we might, by putting our heads together, have a whole Bible.

I chose the Book of Revelation!  I didn’t have a time schedule – I didn’t even know if I could do it…but I started with the idea that if I did a little bit every day, and if God would give me the desire to keep at it…who knows?  I might actually be able to contribute the 22 chapters of Revelation as my piece of the jigsaw puzzle.  About 2 years later, I was amazed to find that my goal had been reached.

I learned a few things during that 2 years about why memorizing whole passages or chapters or books of the Bible is worth the time invested…

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