Christmas Bible Study Available for Free Download, or to Purchase in Paperback on Amazon.

Christmas Bible study black lineWhat are your favorite Christmas traditions?  Tree lighting, candles, sparkling lights, manger scene, tinsel and holly?Do you give gifts to your loved ones?  Do you “shop ‘till you drop”?  Does your family gather around a Christmas tree on Christmas day?  Or do you have a quiet day of reflection?  Do you fix a special meal?  Do you watch the Christmas Day parades on television?  Football games?

Whatever your traditions are, and however you enjoy your Christmas season, why not add a 10-lesson Christmas Bible study to your preparations for this day of remembering the event which forever changed the history of our world?

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In this study we’ll take a look at the people who were part of the first Christmas, from John the Baptist (yes, he’s a big part of it!) to the shepherds and the wise men.

We’ll go verse-by-verse through the first two chapters of the book of Luke, and the first two chapters of the book of Matthew.  And we’ll try to keep the events in the order they actually happened, so you will come away from this study with a chronological view of Christmas.

What do I hope we accomplish?  I hope we will be thrilled with Christmas again!  I hope we will be in awe of the plan God put into place to save us from our sins!  I hope you and your friends, or you and your family, or just you all alone, will come to know, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, that same thrill you used to feel when Christmas morning finally arrived.

I hope the thought of God Himself becoming a newborn baby so that He could reach out to you will change your life forever.

Click here to download for free Kathleen Dalton’s Christmas Bible Study.  

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